Jurassic Fart  

Ex-Wife 1     2    3 
What do you get when you mix Viagra and Beer ?

What do you get when you mix Viagra and Rogaine ?

I believe in miracles
Power of Beer
Beer ad
Cool Car
Ice Scraping
1st Date
Assistance Call
Dan Commercial
Kid in grocery store
The wedding
Low Fat Select Tuna
Girl scout Cookie
Why Kids move out
Why you should never kiss a boy
Here are some parking experts    Parking Expert 1         Parking Expert 2        Parking Expert 3        Parking Expert 4
Going to work on Monday                  Going home on Friday
How to fold a shirt
Jetpack Idiot

Life on the train - this is not a joke but is nice.
When Life hands you lemons----- This is funny!
RC Airplane Demo----------cool stuff
Shooting prank
Fast School bus
Sea Helicopter
Lawn Chair Drill Team
Restaurant Experience
Para Sailing ------Almost
Heinz Microwave Soup
How to change a tire
Drunk in a police station
Small man comedy
Super Glock

Domino Pool Finals
Stay Fit



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