Of to Newport Beach


When you get to the end of the Santa Ana bike path, you can continue to Newport Beach going south on the PCH bike path. Lissa and I decided to ride down to Newport Beach to check the bike path out. After a short ride the bike path ended and we found our self on the shoulder of the road. When we got down to Newport riding peace fully a big boom came from the rear of the bike. Lissa shouted, and I realized that the rear tire is gone. I ran over a piece of glass cutting the rear tier. When Lissa looked back she yelled that someone is shooting at us with paint guns. I started laughing when I saw the neon green slime that splattered out from the inter tube. It was 2 o'clock  Sunday afternoon and I didn't have a spare tire. I had Lissa stay with the trike while I went looking for a bike shop. I asked around and I found a bike shop about two miles away. The shop did not have any Tioga high pressure tires so I had to settle with a cheep 40 psi one. By the time I got back and fix the flat, it got late. The sun was going down when we got to the beginning of the Santa Ana bike path and there was still 13 miles to go.

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