This is the trike that started all. My wife and I wandered in Jim's Recumbent Shop ( People Mover You can download a MapSource file for your Garmin GPS here ) in the summer of 2001. It didn't take long to spot the Greenspeed tandem trike. After road testing the trike, both Lissa and I fell in love with it, and she didn't hesitated to say " lets buy it". The cost of the trike was way out of my reach at that time, and I decided to look into building my own. I was looking on the internet for ideas and parts to build my one trike. A few months later I stumbled onto the Greenspeed Website where I found the building plans for around $ 100 US. I called Ian and ordered the plans and two seat covers in November of 2001. Ian advised me that the project is not simple, and it will take some frame building skills. On and Off, I built the frame by march 2002. I decided to change the kingpins, spindles and the steering handles bars. It took me a long time to research and make the necessary parts for the trike. I used a 1" 4130 Chromoly tubing  ( from Aircraft Spruce ) to accept a 1" head set and  12 mm socket head bolts from (McMasterCarr ) for the axle. For braking, I decided to go with 8" Hayes hydraulics for the extra stopping power, especially when pulling a trailer. The original 21 speeds was fine for the local rides, but later I added a three speed hub for the steep climbs and the extra weight pulling the trailer. Finally, I had a local shop powder coat the trike in a three stage Candy Apple Red and then called it the Szociálizér. Lissa and I had a great time riding the trike back from Paso Robles to Los Angeles, CA for a total of 250 mile trip..( See the Paso to LA webpage.)


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