Paso Robles, CA - Star Farms - 2004

This year for the 40th GWBR (Great Western Bicycle Rally), Lissa and I, decided to drive up to Paso Robles and enjoy the local rides. We arrived Friday night at 6 pm. Boy, they had a good turnout this year. After on hour of looking around, we found a camping spot behind the Main Building. It was a great spot, had a lot of shade during the day, but it was very noisy at night. The weekend of the GWBR is also is a Annual Classic Car show. The city of Paso Robles allows the Classic Show Car exhaust system to be uncorked, and believe me the owners take advantage of it. All-night thru the weekend, loud popping exhaust sound from the roadsters kept us up sometime till 4 am. Next year, I will make sure to take with me a BIG bag of earplugs. Saturday morning, we rode to the STAR FARMS for the day. The ride is 11 miles one way, fairly flat and a nice ride. It was hot, but we got there in a hour. I was surprised when we got there how cool the place looked, and I mean cool. The owner of Star Farm has a man made lake in front of his house. Later, I learned that this is a business he runs for all kind of parties thru the year, from company picnics to hosting the GWBR participants. We had some strawberry/banana smoothies they were selling and enjoyed the day. This is were we met Anni and Zoe, Mother and daughter team rode on a Terra Trike Tandem. About 4 pm we left the Farm and headed back to Paso. I was hot!!! The sun was baking us and I didn't have sun block on me. When we got back to the camp I realized how bad I burned my hand and my chest. Since we overheated, the next morning we decided to park the trike for the day and take a drive to Hearst Castle. I didn't wanted to expose Lissa to more heat, we felt it wasn't healthy to her pregnancy. Next year, we might have an addition to the gang and I have to start designing a triple trike! LOL.   



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