The TC 20/26 was developed with a good friend of mine in mind. He is suffering with Parkinson Disease and he controls or should I say,  he keeps the disease in check with lots of riding. After a long relationship with a Delta trike he decided to purchased a tadpole trike. As much as he loved the trike, he had the hardest time getting in and out of it due to the low nature of the trike. An other problem he had with the trike was the stiffness of the trike witch transferred all the road shocks into his kidneys.

Well I got to the drawing board and after a couple of sketches,  I came up with a long wheelbase trike.  I had the seat positioned a little higher than most sport trikes with a back angle of 40 degree. I was hopping that the longer wheelbase will give the trike a little more flex and absorb some of the road shocks. The seat is wide, so most of the load  will be supported by the seat cover and shock cord. The first couple trials of the seats had some lumbar support issues, but with the help of  Dr. Rodney Ruge of Torrance, CA, and I managed to fine-tune the right angles and position of the lumbar support. An other challenge was to make a trike ( like a family trike) that would be easy to change over from a short to long X-seam without any major chain link adjustment. The idea was  to be able to pull out the boom and adjust the tensioner with a hex key, no chain link added or removed. Kind of like a his and her trike. However, the chain management came out too complex, and added more weight then I liked, so I abandoned the idea for the future.



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