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I bought a set of plans from you years ago. I attempted the build when I first bought the plans, but due to not knowing enough about the art of welding and metalworks at the time, I failed:(  However.... I revisited the build now that I have some fabricating experience (all self taught).  I think it turned out great.  I looked at some of the other people builds on your site and liked the "some do it awesome" one.  I decided to try to do it more awesome. ha ha.  Here are a couple pics of mine. Feel free to post them if you want.  I was able to locate some surplus parts, motor, hydraulic ram and control lever.  All the welding was TIG, I have locking castors and a degree ring from Pro-Tools (LOVE that option).  It's painted to match all my other shop equipment and with luck, It will help me create the chassis for the worlds fastest jet powered Ferrari.  Thanks once again for an amazing set of plans.  

Have a great evening,

Ryan McQueen
Sherwood Park, Alberta


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