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    I designed the first tube bender (SD Tube Bender) for my own use, but the numerous requests for a heavier bender gave birth to the Heavy Duty Tube Bender Plans. This tube bender is designed with ease in mind. The angles are achieved with a simple angle finder due to the vertical design. We offer both, the HD Tube Bender Plans and the Air/Hyd Tube Bender Plans in a PDF format that will be e-mailed to you as soon as payment is received. The HD Tube Bender Plans is a good choice for those who want to bend tubing with a diameter up to 2 " and wall thickness up to .120" for Recumbent Trikes, mini bikes, Go-Karts, Motorcycle frames, Sand rails, roll cages or what the imagination cooks up. The cost to build the HD Bender can be as low as $100 US including the jack (per material cost in 2004).
The Air/ Hydraulic Tube Bender is the third generation tube bender and the latest addition. A/H tube bender can be built for as low as $200 US and that is a huge savings compared to a commercial hydraulic powered tube bender. This bender is like 10% of the cost of some commercial bender. The Tube Benders will work with additional round tubing die sets from 1/2 " to 2" and square tubing die sets form 1/2 " to 1 1/2 ". The link to the die supplier will be included in the plans. The plans will also include detail drawings of all components, Bill Of Material, pictures of the solid models and pictures of the prototypes to guide you through the project.

Q.  "What is the difference between the Air/Hyd and the HD bender?"

A.  Both benders are designed to do the same thing, bend tubing from 1/2" to 2" OD and wall thickness up to .120"
The HD is the second generation an older design and uses the manual pump cylinder. If you ever want to upgrade to an Air/Hydraulic cylinder, the frame will have to be modified.

The Air/Hydraulic bender is the Third generation tube bender from Takacs Cycles that uses an Air/Hydraulic cylinder that is only $20-$30 US more than the manual cylinder. The advantage of this cylinder is that if you have a source of compressed air the bender is operated with the easy of an air valve. If the compressed air source is not available it can also be pumped by hand just like the old HD tube bender.

The second change was to redesign the bender for more commonly available materials. Some of the material that I used in the HD was readily available in Los Angeles, CA, however some customer out of state had difficulty finding it.

The third major change was adapting ideas that I had accumulated through the years of using my old HD to make the bender an even better product. The plans include two styles, "A" and "B". Style "A" is a stripped down version with an economical approach and it is similar to the old HD tube bender with the exception of the Air/Hydraulic cylinder. The Style "B" is a deluxe version that includes some parts that make the bender much easier to use. The parts for the Style "B" bender that I offer below are only needed with the Style "B" Tube bender.



Air/Hydraulic  Tube Bender Plans  2007

" to 2"   0.120" wall
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$17.99. Past customers that have purchased older plans get 1/2 off.

Video of the Air/Hydraulic bender



Air/Hyd "Style B" set. Includes M, KB2, KB3

In Stock

Shipping prices are for the Continental United States. Other then that please e-Mail me for shipping cost!


Air/Hyd Bender "B Style" machined kit. Includes A's, JB's, KB's, KB2's, KB3's, and M.

The Style B kit is $300 + S/H 

This kit comes with most of the parts that need drilling. To complete the bender you will have to get the remaining material just follow the BOM from the plans you purchased.

This kit is for the customer that does not have a large drill press that can handle large drill bits or just does not want to deal with drilling the parts. Kit is made on a milling machine for accuracy.

This kit will have to be ordered. Please e-mail me for availability. A $100 deposit is required when ordering this Kit. The invoice for the balance will be sent when Kit is ready to ship. Please allow a couple weeks to ship the kit.

The kit weight is 60 lb.

Deposit of $100


HD Tube Bender Plans 2004

" to 2"   0.120" wall
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I removed the shopping cart link from these plans. I still had customers ordering these plans by mistake. A lot of older threads on the Internet started with the old HD bender and naturally the new Air/Hyd Plans get missed .

The new Air/Hyd bender is just like the old HD just better.. If you are still interested in the old HD tube bender plans, please order The Air/Hyd bender from the above link and leave a note that you will like the old HD tube bender plans, however I highly suggest of building the new Air/Hydraulic Tube bender. If an air compressor is your concern there is NO PROBLEM, you can still pump it manually with out any compressed air and when compressed air source is available you will be ready for it.




SD Tube Bender Plans Pre-2004

" to 1 " 0.120" wall
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The SD plans are no longer available.


Free  3"x2" and 3"x3"

Large Square Tubing Bender Plans are under construction

The plans are 90% done, but I will not release it for commercial use. I myself do not have the need for this bender and I will not build it.  If you are interest in build this bender please download the PDF and email me for the password.
! This plans are for a large stuff like trailer frames, Jeep frame rails, rock crawler frames or ???.


Sample PDF

 Right Click here  and "Save Target As" to your drive. You will need Adobe reader to view this PDF. To download the free reader go click on the link bellow. This file is just a sample of how our manuals are laid out.


  Tubing Fab Calculator

Click here to download a free Tubing fab calculator from Takacs Cycles.. This is an Excel file and you will need MS Excel to open it.

  Tube Notching Template

I found this free tube notching template maker on a website. I though it was a useful tool so here is for download. The only problem with this program that the dimensions are given in Metric only. If you want to enter a Standard dimension just multiply the inch value with 25.4. Print out the template and wrap around your tubing to transfer the contour. Click here to download.



Round tubing dies

Square tubing dies



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