Taylor Moore's Bender

January 30, 2009

"Hey Frank itís Taylor Moore I have the tube bender about 98% done I am going to add stabilizers to each corner and then it is off to paint. First of all great job on the plans for this bender you really designed it well I hope you donít mind if I modified a bit. First of all I started by adding 5 inches to each side for more stability and added a tool grate on the bottom for tool storage. Next I added a full length tube instead of the short tube in you plans and then added a bar all the way across the front so I could pull both outriggers out at the same time . And to top it all off I added a caster on each corner for super easy mobility. I also changed the jack mount to a piece of receiver hitch tubing. Thanks again Frank I am so glad I found your plans this will really help me on my scout project and my sand rail I want to build. You can post these pictures on your site and I will send a couple more after it is painted.

Thanks again,

Taylor Moore "




March 15, 2009

Hey frank here is my finished Bend Ė Moore tube bender. There is a picture of a180 degree 1 1/2 ď 1/8 ď wall and a 90 degree 1 1/2ď  1/4" wall.


Taylor Moore




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