Eric's Bender



I have completed my bender, thanks to your plans!  I sent you 4 pictures, and I am waiting for my first set of dies.  I did get a new welder as we discussed earlier.  I went with the Lincoln 180C, and its a huge difference in performance.  You will note in some of the pix that I could use more training in my welding skills, but it was fun anyway.  I built the bender to assist with a frame I am building for an all electric vehicle (3 wheels, 1000w motor, not exactly freeway legal).  Now I can get to that frame and finish my other project.  Thanks again for your support.

Eric, the bender will help you with your bending projects. I'm sure it was a good welding project for you. Send in pictures when you get your dies and I will add it to this page. Also, you can send pictures with your projects too. It will be fun to see how the 3 wheeler comes out.

Thanks again and have fun.


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