Dave's bender


Hi Frank,

I finished the Bender and have finished my cage.  I've included images
of both the bender and the cage.  The bender worked great and there was
some interest from readers in your plans, so I'm steering them your way.

As you can see, my focus was on completing the bender quickly and
cheaply, rather than making it look nice (winter is setting in quickly
and I have a thanksgiving deadline I want to make).

I deviated from the plans based on metal I had laying around (I have
lots of 3" angle iron).  I also had a towing package that I cut apart
and used, hence the curved square tubing that makes up the angled
pieces.  I cut and welded the tow tube itself to the angle iron on the
bottom so I could slip in a square tube to wheel it around (there's a
bolt that pins it into place).

I didn't clean up any welds and had some extra chrome paint that I
didn't want anymore, so it got painted chrome.

I used bigger wheels, because I had them lying around, and it moves very

Finally, since I figured I probably wouldn't be using the bender again,
I decided to buy the Jack without the air attachment.  It worked
perfectly fine for my needs.

So, I'm not sure that my bender will help you sell more benders, but it
does show that you can build the bender with materials lying around and
still use it to build something good. If you don't want to show my
bender, I won't take offense, as I don't think it looks all that good,
but it sure worked great!

I'll be publishing a bender-specific post soon and will send you a link.


- Dave




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