Gordon Langley's Bender


Here are some pics of this wonderful tubing bender, my brother and I built this unit, and works great. Please feel free to post our pictures on you web site and let others know what a good bend it makes. We only have the 1-1/4” ,4’”radius round die at this time but hope to soon have the 1-1/2”& 1-3/4”. Please also note the use of the air over hydraulic ram purchased from http://www.mcsdepot.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2843, shipping and all was Approx. $125.00 but well worth the extra cost. There was only a slight modification needed to install, just notched the right hand tube near the bottom to accommodate the manual mechanism, inserted replacement steel, and welded to retain structural integrity.


Gordon Langley

Thanks Gordon for the nice pictures especially for the mod you made.

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