Air/Hydraulic Tube Bender


For " to 2" DOM and CroMoly 4130 tubing with wall thickness up to .120" and CLR up to 7"

THIS IS A SET OF PLANS, NOT THE BENDER. The plans are drawn in CAD and are loaded with drawings and pictures to guide you thru the project. No, you don't have to know CAD to be able to read the plans, they are converted to PDF format for easy viewing and printing. The bender can be used with additional round and square tubing dies from " to 2" diameter tubing and radius up to 7 inches. Depending on the bend radius, you can bend tubing form .049" to .120" wall thickness and up to 180. The plans come with a detailed building instruction and a List of Material and part number. The dies are available from $125 to $245 and the link to the die maker will be added in the List of Material. The bender can be built for around $200 including the hydraulic ram (2007 Prices). That is a huge saving from a commercial hydraulic powered tube bender. No CAD experience is needed, but good knowledge of fabrication and welding is required. You will have my support via e-mail till you finish your bender.

There is no shipping fee, since the plans are in PDF format and most of the time will be E-mailed to you with in 24 hours as an attachment up on receiving the payment. Buyer will need to download the free Adobe Reader from to be able to open the file. Once the file is received, the plans can be printed on 8 " x 11" sheets. If paid with personal check, I will send the file as soon the check clears.  For a limited time the price of the plans is $ 17.99. I will prefer PayPal or money orders I will send with in 24 hours after payment is received, If paid with personal checks I will send the PDF as soon as the check clears. 

Q.  "What is the difference between the Air/Hyd and the HD bender?"

A.  Both benders are designed to do the same thing, bend tubing from 1/2" to 2" OD and wall thickness up to .120"
The HD is the second generation an older design and uses the manual pump cylinder. If you ever want to upgrade to an Air/Hydraulic cylinder, the frame will have to be modified.

The Air/Hydraulic bender is the Third generation tube bender from Takacs Cycles that uses an Air/Hydraulic cylinder that is only $20-$30 US more than the manual cylinder. The advantage of this cylinder is that if you have a source of compressed air the bender is operated with the easy of an air valve. If the compressed air source is not available it can also be pumped by hand just like the old HD tube bender.

The second change was to redesign the bender for more commonly available materials. Some of the material that I used in the HD was readily available in Los Angeles, CA, however some customer out of state had difficulty finding it.

The third major change was adapting ideas that I had accumulated through the years of using my old HD to make the bender an even better product. The plans include two styles, "A" and "B". Style "A" is a stripped down version with an economical approach and it is similar to the old HD tube bender with the exception of the Air/Hydraulic cylinder. The Style "B" is a deluxe version that includes some parts that make the bender much easier to use. The parts for the Style "B" bender that I offer below are only needed with the Style "B" Tube bender.





Click on the link below to see the Air/Hydraulic Tube Bender in action.

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Most of the time I have plans listed throw eBay at This is a link to my active auction at this time.



Air/Hydraulic Tube Bender Plans

For a limited time $17.99   Past customers that have purchased older plans get 1/2 off.

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Parts for the Air/Hyd Tube bender Style B Bender

Note: The detail drawings of this parts are included in the PDF manual. I offer this parts to the customers that would like to build the Air/Hyd Style B tube bender and have no accesses to a lathe. Please allow a week or two to ship the parts. If you need it sooner, please e-Mail me to check stock before you order.
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Frank Takacs



Air/Hyd "Style B" set. Includes M, KB2, KB3

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Shipping prices are for the Continental United States. Other then that please e-Mail me for shipping cost!




Air/Hyd Bender "B Style" machined kit. Includes A's, JB's, KB's, KB2's, KB3's, and M.

The Style B kit is $300 + S/H 

This kit comes with most of the parts that need drilling. To complete the bender you will have to get the remaining material just follow the BOM from the plans you purchased.

This kit is for the customer that does not have a large drill press that can handle large drill bits or just does not want to deal with drilling the parts. Kit is made on a milling machine for accuracy.

This kit will have to be ordered. Please e-mail me for availability. A $100 deposit is required when ordering this Kit. The invoice for the balance will be sent when Kit is ready to ship. Please allow a couple weeks to ship the kit.

The kit weight is 60 lb.

Deposit of $100





Air/Hyd Tube bender

  Air/Hyd Bender with a 110 degree die.

This is a custom order item. Email me for details.






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Most of the time I have plans listed through eBay at This is a link to my active auction at this time.

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