Fred Geitner's Bender 


    Hi Frank,   I thought I would send you some pictures of the bender I built with your plans. As you can see, on mine, I mounted swivel casters and I have extendable levelers.   I had to remove the bump from the weld seam on the inside of the 2” square tubing to get the 1-1/2”square tubing for the levelers to slide in nicely.   This was easily done in a lathe with a boring bar and tool bit turned sideways. Not sure if that would work with all square tubing though, because I have seen some with the same wall thickness, but with much more rounded corners than what I had.   The pins were made from some 1” grade 8 bolts turned down.   I made the swingarm bushings from leaded steel.  Anyway, I really enjoyed building it.  The next thing will be to make or buy some bending dies and get a project going. I have a 4 year old boy, and I would really like to build something with him. I already bought him a hood and gloves from Harbor Freight and let him run some weld beads on some scrap steel. (I wish they made welding gloves that fit his little hands though.)   If I decide to make any dies, I’ll share that too.  I’m working on an attachment for my lathe for cutting the radiuses, but I haven’t got all the details sorted out yet.    


Fred Geitner   McDonald, Pa.



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