Gene's Bender

Here is a customer that took the plans a step further. Here what he wrote.

As usual, I took the plans and modified them. Here's what I did:

1. bottom frame "boxed" and added casters to roll it where I want.

2. all holes in the square tubing filled.

3. added grips to the "Thompson shaft" pins.

4. "Bondo'd" all the joints for looks (actually to hide my ugly welds!)

5. welded some threaded shaft for a place to hang extra dies.

6. replaced the manual 8-ton ram with an air/hydro unit mentioned in prior posts. Removed the manual handle (no need anymore)

7. a coat of Hamerrite black for the frame and bright red for the dies.

8. bought a "smartlevel" digital level for perfect bends.

I'm going to add some grip tape to the top of the box frame. I noticed that I was stepping there to take tubing in and out.

The air/hydro takes about 90 seconds to do a 90 degree in 1.5" tube. It sounds like a quiet jackhammer as it pumps and control is very fine. the harder you squeeze the faster it pumps.

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