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Let the recumbent building begin !

Parts list will be updated as soon as new products become available. E-mail me if you have a request.

King Pins spindles and hubs
Chain Guide Roller
Mesh seat and shock cord
Braze Ons
7005 weld ons
Bottom Bracket Shells
4130 Tubing
7005 Tubing

Kingpins, spindles and hubs


  Sturmey Archer Drum Hubs

Out Of Stock! Please check back later.

Now available Sturmey Archer Drum Hubs with 12 mm axle bearing for 36 14 gauge spokes. These hubs come in a pair of Left and Right.

Two hubs
One left side backing plate with brake shoes
One right side backing plate with brake shoes
Two spacer and hardware to connect cable
Two 12 mm axles

 $ 129.99 USD /pair



  Spindle and hub combo.

1" head set 26.4 or 27 mm
15 degree camber
12 mm axle

Set of two (Left and Right) King Pin, Spindle, and Hub
1. L & R spindles.
2. Set of two L&R SA  Hubs
3. 2 each of head set tubing.
When ordering the spindles please advise the head set bearing size and the angle of the kingpin.




  Parts for DIY spindles

Spindles are complex parts of a trike. Due to the different design factors of each individual, I decided to offer parts for the homebuilder to fabricate their own spindles for their application.

1" head set race for 26.4 or 27 mm
Requested camber
12 mm axle

When ordering the parts please advice with camber angle.





  Thunderbolt Mk II 20 & 26 Trike knuckles Part # 80004

If you planning to build  Rickey M. Horwitz Thunderbolt, this is a part form his plans.

I supply these parts with Rick's authorization.

For more info on Rick's Trike Plans please visit Rick Horwitz's website

$80 USD/ pair




  SF Set

Knuckles, Brake caliper mount and Ackerman adapter   Part # 80020, 80021, 80025

If you planning to build  Rickey M. Horwitz Thunderbolt, these are parts form his plans.

I supply these parts with Rick's authorization.

For more info on Rick's Trike Plans please visit Rick Horwitz's website

$150 USD / set




Chain guide roller

  Custom Aluminum Idler 6061-T6

$49.99 each

E-mail me or call for availability.


  2" Nylon Chain Guide Rollers

When order rollers specify bearing size.
8mm or 5/16"
10mm or 3/8"

Get two and make a double chain guide roller.


$15.99 each



Shock Cord and Mesh Seat Covers


  1/4" Shock Cord for Mash Seats

Average seat will need 24 ft


$0.39 / ft


  Mesh Seat Cover


$60.00 each







Steel 48 degree $ 14.99 per set 
7005 for round tubing $ 24.99 per set 
7005 With disc brake  $ 29.99 per set 
7005 With disk rectangular tubing $ 24.99 per set 
7005 Adjustable angle $ 24.99 per set 






Single Cable Stop steel  
Double Cable Stop steel  
Triple Cable Stop steel  
Cable Guide steel  


7005 Aluminum Weld-ons



Single Cable Stop 7005 $ 0.99  
Double Cable Stop 7005  
Triple Cable Stop 7005  
Cable Guide 7005  
7005 Seat Binder  
7005 disc brake mount  


Bottom Bracket Shells




68 mm 4130 Bottom Bracket Shell $ 6.99 each
68 mm 7005 Bottom Bracket Shell $ 9.99 each



Cro-Moly 4130 Tubing




Fork Tubes- great for recumbent rear chain stay 4130 $ 29.99 / pair 
Seat stays 4130 $ 22.99 / pair 
Chain Stays 4130 $ 29.99 / pair
  33 mm OD X 30 mm ID for 1 " headset  4130 $ 0.99 / inch


7005 Aluminum Tubing

  7005 Aluminum Custom seat rails

E-mail for availability.





7005 Rear Chain and seat stays

$29.99 / pair


For 7005 straight gauge tubing e-mail for availability     Tubing chart


Seat clamps

  6061-T6 1" Clamps

$3.99 each



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